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Booster Club

Capitol School of Austin

Together, we serve to enrich and support the teachers, ​students, and families of Capitol School of Austin.

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Ca​pitol School Booster Club Vision

Our mission is to support the ​teachers, students and families of ​Capitol School.

As parents, contributing to a ​wonderful school life experience ​is extremely rewarding but more ​importantly, our service benefits ​the students we love.


Become a CSA Booster Club Member today

Membership Dues: $25 per family per school year

Who should join: Parents of currently enrolled students

What we do:

  • Leverage funds to support teachers & students
  • Meet monthly to plan events
  • Develop programs to support the school
  • Volunteer as needed

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We made it easy to sign up for the programs ​sponsored by the CSA Booster Club

Click on the program name to sign up today!

  • Pizza Friday: Who doesn't love pizza on ​Fridays? Pizza Friday is a great fundraiser for ​the Booster Club and it gives you a break from ​packing lunch. Your child(ren) will be delivered ​yummy pizza. Everyone wins!

  • Yearbook: Orders due in the spring

  • Poinsettias: Holiday fundraising campaign. ​Great gifts and high quality flowers.

  • Fall Festival: Family event with games & prizes ​hosted at CSA

  • School Supply Kits: New for the 2023-24 ​school year!

  • Holiday Giving Project - Raise money for a ​selected charity

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Fa​ll Festival

Christmas Gifts On Holidays

Holiday Giving Project ​

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    • Fall Fest
    • Snow Day
    • Parent Education Events

Booster Club

What is​ the booster club?

The mission of Booster Club is to enhance and support your ​child's educational experience at CSA, to develop a closer ​connection between school and home by encouraging parental ​involvement, and to enrich the environment at Capitol School ​throug​h volunteer and financial support.

how does the booster club help Capitol School?

Funds raised by the Booster Club are used to:

  • Pay for half of the music therapy program, which is so beloved ​by the children;
  • Appreciate our teachers and staff with meals and treats ​throughout the year;
  • Grant classroom and school "wish list" items.

Booster​ club events

Capitol School of Austin

Looking for a Boost?

Participate in CSA's Booster Club!

How are Booster club initiatives f​unded

The Booster Clubs main sources of income are dues ($25 per ​Family) and fundraisers, including:

  • Pizza Friday
  • Scholastic Book Fair
  • Holiday Poinsettia Sales
  • Spring Yearbook Sales
  • Year-Round Donations

Is it a big commitment?

Not at all! The Booster Club meets once a month. In the fall meetings ​will be on the second Tuesday of each month. If you can't make all ​the meetings, no worries! We keep members in the loop by sending an ​email with information discussed at the meeting.

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Volunteers ​Needed

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Booster Club

Capitol School of Austin

Calling All Volunteers! We Need Your Help!

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Booster Club is looking for parents to ​Volunteer for School events!

  • Fall Fest
  • Yearbook
  • Holiday Giving Project
  • And More

Click below to signup and show ​your support for Capitol School ​Booster Club

Board Members for 2023-2024

Executive Board: Establish and oversee committees to conduct the work of the Booster Club to accomplish objectives and purposes consistent with bylaws.

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Taylor Youngblood

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Josefina Irigoyen


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Green Check Mark

Vice President

Will Herrington

Amy Delk

Committee Head

Fall Fest

Committee Head

Holiday Giving Project

Commitee Head

Year Book

Committee Head

Poinsettia Fundraiser


Preside at General Booster Club meetings and Executive Board meetings, Serve as the official representative of the Booster Club, prepare agendas for official Booster Club meetings, retain all official records of the Booster Club, update records for the school office files, and manage communications and marketing for the Booster Club, which may include newsletters, email broadcast, website, bulletin boards, etc.

Vice President:

Oversee the Committee System of the Booster Club, assist the President and chair meetings in the absence of the President


Record and distribute minutes of all Executive Board meetings, help President prepare agendas for official Booster Club (master files are in school office), assist President with membership and communications record keeping, and marketing


1) Serve in conjuction with the CSA Administration as custodian of the Booster Club finances; 2) Budget and forecast financial commitments and requested expenses; 3) Track collected revenue, paid and authorized expenses; 4) Report financial activity every meeting; 5) Prepare year-end financial report; 6) Participate in perodic reviews of budget with CSA's Bookkeeper and hold all financial records in school's master files

Why DONations are important?

Booster Club

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assist ​student ​programs

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Provides ​teacher & staff ​classroom ​needs

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Music ​therapy

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teacher ​appreciation ​Lunches


Meet the Teacher / Picnic

August 14th @ 10:30am

Parent and Teacher Meeting

Event Highlights

August 15th 2023

First Day of School Lettering


10:00a.m. - 12:00p.m

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Capitol School of Austin

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Camp For All

Family Camp For All

Family Camping Out
Teachers Introduce New Teacher Illustration

New Staff Orientation

August 7th 2023

Camp for alll

Kids enjoy

an overnight stay at camp ​(Leve​ls 5 - 8)

Learn more click button

Family camp for all

ALL families of Capitol School ​are welcome to enjoy an ​overnight Camp!

welcome to capitol school of austin


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